September 25, 2012

Have you had, or do you know of someone who has had, spinal surgery, back surgery, or neck surgery and were not helped by it, or were even worse afterward? (Ever heard of the term failed back surgical syndrome or post-surgical continued pain syndrome?) The answer is likely yes. Perhaps it has happened to you.  Young Chiropractic is here in Easley for your pre-surgical and post-surgical  back pain relief.

Young Chiropractic offers Cox Technic as a treatment system to handle pre-surgical and post-surgical back pain and neck pain. Cox Technic specialized spinal manipulation at our Easley chiropractic clinic is helping patients just as described in published medical papers.

Post-Surgical Case 1 -  A 55 year old man presents to a private chiropractic practice with complaints of pain and spasms in his lower back radiating down the right buttock and leg. He can’t do over 50% of his normal activities of daily living. He had a previous surgical fusion at L5/S1 for a grade 2 spondylolytic spondylolisthesis. Radiographs reveal surgical hardware from L5 to S1 in his lower spine. Now, the treating chiropractor used chiropractic treatment consisting of ultrasound, electric stimulation, and Cox Technic decompression manipulation (flexion distraction). After just 13 treatments, the patient has a complete resolution of his symptoms with a pain score of 0 out of 10. A 2-year follow-up reveals continued resolution of the patient's symptoms. (1) Surely Easley post-surgical continued pain patients would like such relief!

Pre-Surgical Case 2 - A 64 year old man presents to a chiropractic clinic with complaints of neck and left shoulder, arm and hand pain with a loss of sensation.  Magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the cervical spine revealed a C6/C7 disk herniation and other levels of disc degeneration which caused pinched nerves. Cox flexion-distraction was given a total of 10 times over a course of 4 weeks. The patient reports being pain-free and fully functional 8 months following the conclusion of care. This patient with a cervical disk herniation, foraminal narrowing, and associated radiating pain and radiculopathy in the left upper extremity finds relief, and surgery and its potential negative outcome was avoided. (2)

Plus, a study of 32 post-surgical lower back pain patients reports improvement with Cox Technic with no adverse side-effects(3)

So don’t despair if you have back pain or neck pain before or after surgery. Young Chiropractic has your back (and neck)! In just a few visits, our chiropractic patients find relief just like the patients described above. Contact Young Chiropractic today to get an appointment with our Easley chiropractic physician.