Your mother and grandmother were right: stand up straight!

standing up straight

Proper posture and standing up straight not only make you look more confident, but also allow your spine to assume its proper structure. When you slouch, your spine slouches too, forcing your muscles, ligaments, and tendons to all work overtime keeping you balanced and up-right. All this extra work strain may lead to fatigue and potentially spine pain.  

The head should be carried straight.
The shoulders, back and even.
The chest, out.
The stomach, tight.
The low back, straight.
The buttocks, firm.
The feet, straight and evenly apart with your weight balanced on both. 
It is never too late to improve posture. It just takes some thinking. Simple exercises to strengthen your core abdominal muscles and buttock muscles and stretch your hamstrings will go far to improve your posture. We at Young Chiropractic stand ready to evaluate your posture and discuss any corrective actions you may want to consider.

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"Work Law" is the literal meaning of ergonomics, but for us in the day-to-day world, ergonomics is simply a set of rules about how we should bend, lift and twist properly to avoid aggravating our spines. Ergonomics can involve the selection of a chair that supports your back when you have to sit, the elevation of your desk and monitor to reduce neck strain, the use of your legs to lift and not your spine. It is relatively simple to evaluate your daily work for improved ergonomics. Here are a few suggestions for doing the following activities if we can't avoid doing them at all:

    Proper posture and movement can enhance your recovery as well as prevent future pain. 

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