Get Relief at Young Chiropractic

You have pain or discomfort. You may have even identified your pain and/or its possible sources, you likely have more questions:

No time is better than now to get pain alleviation. You have suffered long enough. Today's spinal research literature is filled with reports on the benefit of conservative, non-surgical, active care for spine pain. Cox Technic just may be your solution to spine pain relief.

Team Work

Our chiropractic staff is well-trained to assist you, the patient suffering with spine-related pain symptoms. We strive to be the best educated and skilled in order to give you the highest quality treatment. We keep up-to-date with the most recent research outcomes regarding spinal biomechanics (the study of motion) and anatomy (spinal structure), imaging, and chiropractic treatment options, both main treatment approaches as well as adjunctive care. We choose to use research-based and documented protocols to determine your plan for treatment. We recognize when to involve other specialists if necessary. We also know the importance of assisting you regain your quality of life as soon as possible and fully intend to do so with your vigilant involvement.

Our Commitment to You; Our Expectation of You

We are committed to studying the spine and its treatment, and we ask you to be committed to following the treatment plan generated for you, based on the latest research protocols. Ask us questions about your chiropractic care. Be direct with your concerns. Be honest in your symptom evaluation each visit. Follow your at-home care instructions. We are here to help you and look forward to your involvement in your care.


Our chiropractic office offers non-surgical pain relief procedures known as Cox Technic to alleviate your pain. The treatment is gentle, safe and directed. It is only applied to your tolerance. It is applied by your physician who carefully monitors your response every moment of application. It is guided by the "rule of 50%" ensuring as quick a release from care as possible with the option of follow-up care as you desire.

Our chiropractic office offers adjunctive care therapies to boost your rehabilitation time and expedite your relief. These options - acupuncture, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, trigger point massage, massage, ultrasound, etc. - are available to you as you choose, but know that their inclusion may well allow you to get back your quality of life more quickly and completely.

Get Relief

Commit to your care and chiropractic treatment plan with us. Keep in mind that pain alleviation may come in less than a month (often in just a few visits). The 1000 case studies of patients treated with Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression protocols found that, not withstanding specific diagnoses, low back pain patients found relief in 12 visits over 29 days. Mind you, that is not withstanding specific diagnoses. Disc herniations, for instance, do require more days and visits on average. There is hope, and we look forward to working with you to gain back your quality of life.