All About the Easley Coccygeal Spine

You know the pain...tailbone pain is a pain. We can help. Contact Young Chiropractic.
The coccygeal area of the spine is made up of the coccyx. The coccyx (also known as the tailbone) is composed of 2 to 4 vertebrae at the very bottom of the spine. Researchers debate whether these vertebrae are fused or not. Regardless, muscles, tendons and ligaments attach to the coccyx. 

The coccyx can be hurt in a backward fall, hard sitting, or in childbirth. Its pain can be relatively severe and persistent.

Common Conditions of Coccygeal 
  • Coccygodynia - It may be treated with ice, manipulation, sitting on a donut, or other co-management options.  Treatment at Young Chiropractic may include a special form of spinal manipulation to address the pain associated with coccygeal pain, addressing the disc that authors have written can herniate in a fall or other injury to the coccyx. In office adjunctive care may hasten your recovery.