Is Easley Spinal Traction Face Down Or Face Up Best? Face Down!

January 23, 2018

Face up? Face down? When treating neck pain or low back pain that is an issue for your Easley chiropractor and for the spine researcher (and sometimes the curious patient!) concerning which position is most beneficial. For the Easley back pain specialist who is a hands-on treating doctor, prone (face down) is best so he or she is able to get his or her hands on the spine. For your Easley spine specialist, prone is definitely preferred as Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression spinal manipulation is used. At Young Chiropractic prone spinal care is our back pain relief specialty, and research agrees!


Young Chiropractic grounds its Easley chiropractic treatment on research. Young Chiropractic keeps up with current spinal care research. In a recent study of traction, patient-rated disability and pain scores demonstrated that traction in the prone position brought about immediate and significant improvements. (1) Another study reported that a hallmark of spinal traction could lie in the fluid exchange in the disc as trunk muscle activity is minimal. (2) Young Chiropractic notes the values of relaxing the trunk muscles, improving the fluid exchange in the disc (as Young Chiropractic knows nutrition of the disc relies on this and is why disc nutrition supplementation is regularly recommended as part of the treatment plan), and distracting the spine.


Young Chiropractic utilizes a distinctive form of spinal distraction called Cox Technic that is documented in the medical research literature and gentle in its ability to relieve back pain and neck pain.  In applying Cox Technic flexion distraction spinal manipulation for back pain relief, your Easley chiropractor has you lie prone (face down) on a uniquely designed chiropractic treatment table that has a stationary chest support piece and mobile support piece for your legs. Researchers state that the proper forces a chiropractor is to apply to the lumbar or cervical spine on this type of table with Cox Technic can be instructed consistently for clinical reproducibility by chiropractors like yours at Young Chiropractic. This indicates that a patient can be treated by one trained chiropractor just like another trained chiropractor. (3,4,5) Your Easley chiropractor is so trained. Applying the proper forces makes available the best opportunity to reproduce the clinical back pain relief for Easley low back pain patients as chiropractic researchers have documented in their research studies. That is thrilling to your Easley chiropractor and relieving to the Easley chiropractic patients at Young Chiropractic!

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Listen to this PODCAST about a Cox® Technic physician’s own experience with Cox Technic as well as his patient's whose improvement actually increased with prone spine manipulation treatment with Cox® Technic because supine (face up) treatment aggravated his pain.

Schedule your Easley chiropractic visit with Young Chiropractic today. Your Easley back pain relief treatment plan includes chiropractic treatment in the prone/face down position with Cox® Technic.

Easley spinal traction applied lying face down – prone – is best according to the latest research. Visit Young Chiropractic.