Opioid Pain Control Drugs like Opioids: Are They Effective for Back Pain?

May 15, 2018

Opioids are in the news. The Easley opioid epidemic is a big issue. Opioids are prescribed for pain relief of all types of pain. Opioids for back pain relief are common. But today, non-drug alternatives are in demand. Non-drug alternative care like Easley chiropractic care eases the Easley back pain these opioids have been prescribed for and often without adverse side-effects.


Pharmacological treatment options – drugs – for easing chronic low back pain are the focus of much attention today. Researchers scrutinize these and other alternatives as to what works best to benefit Easley back pain patients. The effect of drugs like oxycodone (an opioid drug), clobazam and imipramine on chronic low back pain are hard to foresee. One article proposed that patients who are more sensitive to hot and cold react better to imipramine. (1) Another reported that electroacupuncture was more cost effective than NSAIDs and suggested as an alternative for chronic low back pain treatment. (2) A third explained that most drugs - paracetamol (acetaminophen), NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, opioids, and other (new) drugs - offered small to moderate and short lasting effects compared with placebo. And there were side-effects. (3) Young Chiropractic cares for many Easley back pain sufferers seeking pain relief without drugs. And the Easley chiropractic care is helpful for most.


Easley chronic low back pain leads some sufferers to lumbar spine fusion surgery. Patients who go this route to deal with their back pain often take opioids prior to surgery hoping – even expecting – that they will not need opioids after the surgery. Reality is different. 77.1% of pre-operative opioid patients continued to use opioids long-term post-operatively: 13.8% of them took opioids off and off; 9.1% discontinued using them or took them for a short time after surgery. Of patients who hadn’t took opioids before surgery, 34.4% used a lower dose after surgery, and 44.8% took a higher long-term dose. 12.8% became long-term consumers of opioids. The researchers decided that lumbar spine fusion rarely interrupted the long-term opioid use and actually increased the risk of using them long-term. (4) Young Chiropractic offers Easley chiropractic care both pre-operatively and post-operatively to relieve Easley back pain and for some prevent Easley back surgery.


What are the options for Easley back pain patients if opioids are to be avoided? Guidelines have been developed for opioid alternatives. Cost, intervention availability, and patient preferences are considered. One of the first things to do is educate and reassure the patient that Easley back pain relief is possible and to remain active. The Easley low back pain sufferer would benefit from learning more about self-care options. For acute low back pain and neck pain patients who do not have any concerning causal issue, exercise, manual therapy, heat and NSAIDs are suggested. For chronic low back pain sufferers without serious underlying issues, exercise, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback, relaxation, massage, manual therapy, rehab, NSAIDS, acetaminophen and antidepressants are suggested. Patients with radiculopathy (sciatic leg pain) can use exercise, spinal manipulation, or NSAIDS. Benzodiazepines, botulinum toxin injection, systemic corticosteroids, cervical collar, electrical muscle stimulation, diathermy, TENS and traction are not recommended because of research revealing uselessness. (5) Young Chiropractic offers Easley chiropractic care including Cox Technic flexion distraction decompression treatment that is research-documented to be effective for Easley back pain relief.

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Schedule your Easley chiropractic appointment with Young Chiropractic today. The opioid epidemic may be limited for Easley back pain sufferers who choose Easley chiropractic care at Young Chiropractic…and chiropractic may turn out to be the opioid-alternative news!

Pain control drugs like opioids aren’t always effective for Easley back pain. Chiropractic is a beneficial alternative.