September 13, 2016

Chiropractic’s availability and use grows in the military healthcare system much as it is in the public sector. This is a fortunate scenario for all of us! Easley spine pain patients know this well as they’ve entrusted their spinal health to Young Chiropractic. The old question of “Why see a chiropractor?” has fallen to the wayside as more and more Easley back pain and neck pain patients have found pain relief and told their friends and family. Now more military friends and family have the opportunity to find relief and share their non-surgical chiropractic experience with others!

Not all back pain and neck pain requires surgery. That’s where chiropractic care shines. Interestingly, most disc surgery patients found long-term reduction of pain after back surgery (5 years out). Cervical spine back surgery patients seem to benefit less from surgery than lumbar spine back surgery patients. But what factors seem to affect a back surgery patient’s pain after surgery? A fear of not having a job and stronger depression. (1) Knowing this, healthcare providers around these post-surgical patients can help with psychological and work-related issues as part of the overall rehabilitation plan. Your Easley chiropractor is very aware of this.

Further, when just 64% of active duty service members return to work after lumbar spine surgery (2), chiropractic certainly may have a role before as well as after back surgery for these service members. Like our Easley working folks, military folks want care that will allow them to return to work in good shape and strong. Chiropractic care helps.

Fortunately, from October 1, 2004, to September 30, 2015, there was an increase of 821.7% of patients seen in chiropractic clinics in the Veterans Administration (VA) system and a 693.9% increase in the number of chiropractic visits. That’s huge! Chiropractic physicians are thrilled to be available and of service to these service men and women, too. And the military patients aren’t that different from Easley back pain patients: male between the ages of 45 and 64 years who has neck pain conditions or low back pain conditions and receives a chiropractic examination and treatment. (3) Middle age back pain! There certainly are chiropractors in the VA system itself, but many military patients are also seen by private sector chiropractors in areas where the VA may not staff a chiropractor. All of this is good for service people with back pain or neck pain. Service people can get the same quality chiropractic care as Easley back pain and neck pain patients get at Young Chiropractic!

Young Chiropractic would be happy to share its chiropractic care system for back pain relief that incorporates Cox Technic protocols with Easley spine pain patients. Contact Young Chiropractic to schedule your Easley chiropractic visit today.