Easley Back Pain Option: Control It

October 29, 2019

Control not cure. That is a challenging notion to bear when you are in pain. On the other hand, for many back pain and neck pain patients, any relief is acceptable. Young Chiropractic treats many Easley back pain and Easley neck pain patients who deal with chronic pain. Fortunately, spine pain patients who decide on chiropractic care with realistic goals often get relief.


When patients visit doctors, they usually prefer a “fix”. They want to be “cured” from their ailment be it a cold or a headache or an infection even their back pain or neck pain. Researchers explained that medicine and healthcare mostly follow the “curative” model of care. For some conditions, management or control of the condition develops into the goal of care. Back and neck pain patients who realize that their condition is theirs for life and that there is help for containing that pain via on-going chiropractic care turn into grateful patients. Young Chiropractic sees them all the time. The healthcare “curative” model may not change any time soon, but the patients’ healthcare options do. Recently, researchers studied back pain patients seeking care from chiropractors. Of 1614 chronic back and neck pain patients, fewer than 1/3rd of them had a goal of a permanent end to their pain. These patients experienced pain for a shorter time and believed in a medical cure. The rest of the patients looked for on-going care to prevent the pain from returning, prevent it from getting worse, and have temporary relief of their pain. These patients had lower pain levels for longer periods of time. (1) Patients’ hopes have an effect on their pain relief.


It’s no secret that low back pain is a costly healthcare challenge with regards to finances as well as quality of life. Back pain sufferers who possess a high expectation of improvement have a 58% greater chance of reporting improvement at the fourth visit to the chiropractor. Your Easley chiropractor knows the importance of our back pain patients’ hopes and expectations. They predict short-term outcomes better than the intensity of the pain, self-rated health status or psychological status. (2) Young Chiropractic shares expectations that will improve patients’ quality of life.


50% relief is a quality of life improvement! The 50% Rule with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management relays realistic expectations to spine pain sufferers from the beginning. Many Easley back pain patients who come to Young Chiropractic and have struggled with their pain for a while are delighted at the prospect of 10% or 20% or 50% or more. They just want some trace of their pre-pain life back even if it is walking around the block or making a trip to the grocery store. Cox® Technic seeks 50% relief of pain within a month of care with patient cooperation on appointments and at-home suggestions of exercise and/or nutrition. The 50% Rule also ensures both the back pain sufferer and the physician that the “next thing” to do if relief isn’t achieved will be arranged. Our patients can count on Young Chiropractic to take care of them.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Scott Spengel on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about helping a patient with Cox® Technic for relief of her back pain with a reasonable cost on a reasonable timeframe to meet her expectations of pain reduction.

Schedule a Easley chiropractic visit soon for some control of your back pain and improved quality of life whether it’s 10% or 25% or 50% or more. It is nice to have some control of the pain that has controlled you for too long.

Young Chiropractic helps patients set realistic goals and find some control of their back pain and neck pain so it doesn’t necessarily control them.