Easley Disc Herniations Can Go Away

October 10, 2023

“There’s a disc herniation in your spine.” does not have to strike fear in you. Conservative care helps decrease pain and even shrink the disc herniation. Surgery isn’t always required. Conservative care appeared to reduce disc herniation and its associated back pain. Young Chiropractic utilizes gentle spinal manipulation as part of the overall Easley chiropractic treatment plan.


A new research meta-analysis report, the top-level review of medical literature on a given topic, detailed the spontaneous resorption of a lumbar disc herniation with conservative treatment. In 31 studies, the researchers found that the overall resorption rate was 70.39%. By disc type, resorption rates ranged from 13.33% to 87.77%. The resorption rate was higher for a ruptured, non-contained disc (fragment) than a contained disc. Resorption rates varied by country from 60.68% in China to 83.52% in Korea. (In the US, the resorption rate was 61.66%.) The report stated that the resorption process mainly happened within 6 months of conservative treatment. (1) Another study regarding patient clinical outcomes in a single care center were evaluated for response to care of giant lumbar disc herniations. 41% of these patients’ "giant lumbar" discs appeared on imaging to have resorbed within 6 months, 37% in 6-12 months, and 32% after a year. The range of time for resorption was 1 month to 8 years. 59% of those who went through conservative care had greater than 30% resorption. 25% had greater than 50% resorption. The authors of this study wrote that as long as there is no sign of progressive nerve damage or cauda equina syndrome, conservative care was preferred since resorption was more likely with these disc protrusions that were in the spinal canal. (2) Young Chiropractic agrees that when there is no sign of nerve injury and/or cauda equina symptoms, conservative treatment - like our gentle, safe chiropractic spinal manipulation - is helpful. Starting with the initial, thorough examination of symptoms to the care at each visit, our Easley back pain and neck pain patients with disc herniations often find relief and a reduction in their fear of their disc herniation and its effect on their life.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr Coleman Cormier on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes how he used The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management to relieve a patient with a large disc herniation.

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Easley chiropractic conservative care helps even giant disc herniations go away