July 25, 2017

Not exactly a spinal condition, but Ehlers Danlos is a body condition that may involve the spine and musculoskeletal system and be assisted by gentle Easley chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic back pain specialists like your Easley chiropractor at Young Chiropractic definitely approach conditions like Ehlers Danlos conservatively and gently. Chiropractors also accommodatingly care for these patients with any other medical healthcare providers and their treatment plans for the good of the patient. Young Chiropractic welcomes these types of opportunities to help Easley Ehlers Danlos patients like this.

Ehlers Danlos hypermobility type affects a number of systems resulting in a range of symptoms: pain (muscular, articular, neuropathic, back pain, neck pain, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, and headache) and fatigue (muscle weakness, unrefreshing sleep, depression, anxiety, etc.). (1)  Young Chiropractic knows Ehlers Danlos by such symptom combinations.

Ehlers Danlos treated with chiropractic does well. One patient case Young Chiropractic read in a peer-reviewed journal highlights a young Ehlers Danlos female with chronic neck pain and low back pain who also experiences headaches and hand pain and stiffness. As is seen in Ehlers Danlos, she too experiences weekly or daily joint dislocations and upper and lower extremity joint hypermobility. Easley Ehlers Danlos hypermobility type patients know what this is like and appreciate relief. In this case, her treatment plan incorporated gentle low force chiropractic manipulation with some soft tissue therapy. An assortment of patient outcome scales detail decreases in disability, headache and spine pain for her. (2) Another case of Ehlers Danlos - with some of the typically recorded issues had previously been diagnosed inadequately with fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis before the more appropriate Ehlers Danlos diagnosis – explains how she experiences relief of back pain with gentle Cox Technic flexion distraction, diet change, and exercise care. (3)  Young Chiropractic offers gentle Easley chiropractic care for relief like this.

If you or a Easley loved one has Ehlers Danlos and feels back pain or neck pain or other musculoskeletal pain related to Ehlers Danlos that Easley chiropractic addresses, schedule a Easley chiropractic appointment today. Young Chiropractic is prepared to help.