Role of Heat and Electrical Stimulation in Easley Back Pain Treatment

December 28, 2019

What is more comforting – hot or cold? Bet you said ‘hot’! Young Chiropractic gets it. Heat is comfortable and comforting to many Easley back pain sufferers. Cold is effective therapy and suggested in early treatment phases, but heat has a role in healing. When paired - heat with electrical stimulation - pain can’t help but subside. Heat and electrical stimulation calm and alleviate pain. Young Chiropractic advises that Easley back pain and neck pain patients use heat, ice and electrical stimulation as proper for pain relief.


Heat reduces the perception of pain for many. Heat and cold top the listing of things that low back pain patients believe reduced their pain most followed by medication, rest, exercise, speaking with a health professional, stretching, not doing irritating activities, and psychological changes. (1) Doctors try to find ways to produce “offset analgesia,” a disproportionately large reduction in pain as a result of a small reduction in stimulation intensity. Heat is a familiar and documented manner to do this. Electrical stimulation is another. Perceived or real, the pain reduction is good for a back pain sufferer. (2) If something decreases pain for a Easley back pain patient, Young Chiropractic will consider its use.


Heat feels good. Electrical stimulation feels good. Back pain and neck pain sufferers seek feeling “good” when they hurt. For nonspecific low back pain sufferers, it is a significant cause of disability, larger than any other health condition around the world. Doctors and researchers are always on the lookout for a better way manage it. One group of researchers theorized that electrical muscle stimulation and heat would provide better pain relief and improve patients’ subjective view of pain. And their experimental trial proved them correct! They found a statistically significant reduction in pain after 18 treatments. The relief was even held at a 12 week follow up. Patients’ mood in addition to muscle strength and endurance also got better. (3) Young Chiropractic directs Easley back pain and neck pain sufferers to pain relief with all sorts of modalities. Whatever it takes! The heat and stimulation combination enhance each other’s benefit.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. David Homer on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. For some conditions like spasmodic torticollis, heat can be particularly comforting and pain relieving. The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management incorporates heat, too, in in-office chiropractic care and at- home care.

Schedule your Easley chiropractic appointment today! Young Chiropractic offers nonsurgical and nonpharmacological Easley pain relief. If heat is soothing and relieving to a Easley back pain sufferer, Young Chiropractic is prepared to try it!

Young Chiropractic uses heat and electrical stimulation for Easley pain relief.