Easley Thoracic Spine Pain Helped by Chiropractic Care

February 07, 2023

For those of us dealing with thoracic (mid-spine) pain, chiropractic spinal manipulation therapy can be a good approach to decrease symptoms and improve our quality of life. This type of care centers on biomechanical parameters to help enhance clinical outcomes, such as improving range of motion and lessening pain levels. Let's explore the ways in which this type of therapy can help Easley thoracic spine pain sufferers find relief at Young Chiropractic.


Thoracic pain is a type of back pain that affects the mid section of your spine, known as the thoracic spine region. This area incorporates your chest wall, ribs, and lungs. The most common sources of thoracic pain include sprain or strain of muscle, injury to a disc, spinal stenosis, pinched spinal nerve, and/or facet joint dysfunction. Other causes may include poor posture or an injury to the shoulder or arm that puts pressure on the nerves in this area. Young Chiropractic can figure this out via a complete examination of your spine.


Chiropractors like yours at Young Chiropractic are well trained in identifying and treating musculoskeletal conditions like thoracic pain. They use a hands-on approach to diagnose and treat these conditions using a variety of techniques such as manual adjustments, electrical stimulation therapy, exercises, and other modalities to decrease inflammation and enhance range of motion in involved areas. Through regular visits with their Easley chiropractor for spinal manipulation and mobilization and treatment plans personalized for them, thoracic spine pain sufferers can get relief without resorting to taking medications or undergoing surgery.


Chiropractic spinal manipulation and mobilization is a form of hands-on treatment using precise force, pressure, and direction to relieve spinal pain. Cox® Technic is one very gentle form of treatment that is segment specific, stretches spinal tissues, and eases pain. The applied forces can be calculated specifically with proper equipment. Such precision benefits those with thoracic pain. Research has shown that this type of treatment can decrease stiffness in the spine and relax muscles to help relieve pain levels. One new study of patients with chronic thoracic pain found that spinal manipulation decreased pain intensity, disability, spinal stiffness, and tenderness. (1) Another report noted that patients who were “responders” to spinal manipulation for non-specific thoracic spine pain relief were those whose expectations of improvement and comfort during spinal manipulation were positive. (2) So be positive! Young Chiropractic is ready to help.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Kurt Olding on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes relieving treatment of a thoracic disc herniation with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

If you're seeking a gentle way to contain your mid-back pain, make a Easley chiropractic visit with Young Chiropractic today!

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