June 23, 2015
back surgery image
Back surgery. The cure-all? The answer? Not for everyone. Young Chiropractic is the Easley chiropractic non-surgical pain relief option for back pain and neck pain. Easley back pain sufferers will think twice after hearing some of these back surgery statistics and the positive outcomes of Cox Technic, the Easley chiropractic system for back pain relief.

So how many back surgeries are necessary on second opinion? One study says no to the recommended back surgery for 44.5% of patients on second opinion. (1)  A second report states that 60.7% of recommended back surgeries were “unnecessary”, 33.3% were the “wrong” surgeries, and 6% were the “right” surgeries. (2) Are you ready for a second opinion of a recommended Easley back surgery? Young Chiropractic offers second opinions. If these two studies don’t make you wonder, how about this one? On second opinion for 94 patients who were recommended to have back surgery, there was “complete disagreement” for 47% (44 of 94), “partial disagreement” for 30% (28 of 94), and “complete agreement” for just 23% (22 of 94). (3) Or this one: 60% of surgical interventions are unnecessary. (4) Wow.

Research reports about back surgery seem to direct patients to second opinions, don’t you think? Back surgery is a big step to take and can be an effective one for the right patient. How does Young Chiropractic figure out if a patient is right for the surgery?  Young Chiropractic performs a thorough clinical examination that correlates its findings with any imaging that has been done. With that information in hand, Young Chiropractic will offer a knowledgeable second opinion for any back pain sufferer who is contemplating surgery.

So what is recommended for back pain? Non-surgical, energetic care. (4) The American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society recommend spinal manipulation. (5) Young Chiropractic offers this care in the form of Cox Technic and its system of evidence-based protocols and positive research-documented clinical outcomes. A recent article even shares that manual therapy incorporating joint mobilization and flexion distraction techniques is an effective intervention for low back pain relief and restoring disc height for chronic low back pain sufferers. (6)  

Still thinking about back surgery? Think twice. Then contact Young Chiropractic today to set up a chiropractic second opinion appointment about the recommended Easley back surgery. A chiropractic treatment plan may be the pre-surgical answer for you.