Effective Easley Back Pain Exercise: Bird Dog

November 07, 2023

Exercise and back pain: what a pair! Young Chiropractic individualizes the suitable back pain exercises for each Easley back pain sufferer visiting Young Chiropractic to maximize back pain relief, boost the supporting muscles like the erector spinae and multifidus, and recoup function. Young Chiropractic also gives every effort to find exercises that are easy, effective in numerous ways like the “bird dog” movement!


Chronic low back pain patients are not all made in the same way. There are many factors that contribute to their back pain state. Each chronic low back pain sufferer must be evaluated individually as your Easley chiropractor always tries to do. It’s well-known that back muscle function varies from a chronic low back pain sufferer to another. Differences can be found from a thorough examination which Young Chiropractic is quite good at! The exam discoveries help shape a personalized treatment plan with personalized exercise recommendations. (1) Be confident that you will be treated like the individual you are at Young Chiropractic!


Exercise is a common suggestion for back pain patients…and for good reason. Muscles support the body and spine. A review of published papers on the usefulness of exercise revealed that exercise was likely effective for chronic low back pain compared to no treatment, placebo, advice or education alone, electrotherapy, or usual care. Its impact was limited for function, but it improved pain and functional limitations outcomes. (2) Young Chiropractic thinks our Easley chiropractic patients would agree that benefits of any type like this for a condition that is reported to be the foremost cause of disability around the world for the past three decades or so, costing much in direct healthcare expense as well as lost productivity, are valuable to seek with some exercise. Start with one exercise (like the following one!) and build up to the basic 10 for back pain


Erector spinae and multifidi muscles often weaken with back pain yet are so essential for stability.  Bird-dog (aka quadruped opposite arm/leg) is a 3-way effective exercise: toning the erector spinae and strengthening the multifidus and the core as well. Start this by getting on all fours: knees and hands, stretching the left leg and right arm out parallel to the floor. Hold this for a couple seconds and repeat on the other side. Do this 10 times on each side. (3,4) Talk with Young Chiropractic before beginning any exercise though to be sure it’s appropriate for you!

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Make your Easley chiropractic appointment soon. We’ll unite back pain and exercise together in a reasonable way just for you and your back pain relief goal.

Easley Exercise for Back Pain: Bird Dog