October 06, 2015
Do you want to exercise? Or do you want to exercise?
Exercising by climbing may be superior in benefit and fun! Young Chiropractic is always on the lookout for a new approach to exercise that may entice our Easley back pain patients to get moving! The latest research documented idea is climbing. What do you think of it?

Climbing promotes core strength and trunk mobility just by its very action. Climbing’s continuous changes in dynamic and isometric contractions encourage core strength and trunk mobility. (1) Therapeutic climbing even increases muscular strength and perceived physical and mental well-being. (2) Young Chiropractic knows that the mind is powerful, so if it thinks the body’s actions are helping the body be stronger, all the better!

To feed the mind more, a few studies draw attention to the benefits of therapeutic climbing. In one, researchers report that therapeutic climbing is equivalent and partly superior to standard exercise therapy for patients with chronic low back pain. (2) It is effective at activating and improving the function of the lumbar muscles and positively affects the lumbar spine stabilization. How does it do this? Therapeutic climbing concentrates on the movement of the shoulder joint stabilizer muscles which may well lessen the load on the spine and thereby enhance the superficial muscle and stabilize the trunk. (3) Efficient! Young Chiropractic knows several Easley chiropractic patients who appreciate efficiency!

Finally, climbing may be an effective and low-cost therapy option for people with chronic low back pain. (4) Who in Easley doesn’t appreciate low cost and effective? Climbing may offer pain reduction and a better quality of life. Its muscle training also has the potential to improve posture, perception of the trunk midline, and muscle control. Climbing may even entice the most reticent low back pain patient to keep exercising via climbing than doing more traditional physical therapy type exercises on the floor. (4) That’s all good in Young Chiropractic’s book!

Now, Young Chiropractic knows that doing the routine stabilization exercises just don’t excite all of our Easley chiropractic patients. Young Chiropractic gets it! But we are not saying to abandon them altogether. Consider mixing up your exercise routine with some climbing on occasion. Talk with Young Chiropractic first before stepping out and setting up your own climbing routine! 

Contact Young Chiropractic today to discuss your back pain and possibly adding climbing to your back strengthening routine.