Easley Fall Prevention and Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care

September 08, 2020

Falls can occur at any age. Falls can trigger great harm or not much harm at all. Falling once surely can increase the intensity of fear of falling again. All these bits of information underscore that falls are a concern, a concern that is age blind. Young Chiropractic always questions our Easley chiropractic patients if they have fallen lately. Young Chiropractic backs interventions like exercise that may reduce the fear of falls, the impact of falls and the incidence of falls. Plus, Young Chiropractic is quite good at relieving Easley back pain or neck pain that results.


Older folks live at home alone and with others or in community-based housing. Each situation has a risk of falling. Rugs, pets, misreading steps, or any number of things can result in a fall. For these older friends and neighbors and relatives, the fear of falling is not uncommon. Researchers have organized research studies involving exercise interventions that decrease the fear of falling as well as the risk of falling. Such trials with community-dwelling older folks encompassed planned, structured, repetitive physical activity geared toward enhancing strength, gait, balance and mood in addition to decreasing falls. Some interventions tested are three dimensional like Tai Chi, Yoga, resistance training, and balance work. A meta-analysis of exercise trials described non-statistically significant benefits but benefits even so: an 11% drop in people who fell, a 13% decrease in falls, a 19% decrease in injuries from falls. (1) Another study of people between 60 and 88 years old that implemented a judo inspired exercise program which taught the participants how to fall and how to prevent falls revealed significant improvements in physical performance, fall-related self-efficacy and fall techniques. (2) They reported that such practices worked, particularly right after the intervention. (3) Young Chiropractic would encourage our older Easley patients to keep exercising to prolong these fall-prevention and fall-fear-reducing benefits!


Younger folks can benefit from Easley fall prevention strategies as falls may be detrimental to them, too. Falls and fall-related injuries endanger people at all ages. Falls at work and at home are an issue. A workplace trial of 10 weeks for working age adults with a judo-inspired exercise program set out to improve physical function, activity, fall-related self-efficacy and safe-landing techniques for a fall. Participants improved physically and psychologically. They gathered techniques in how to fall safely and how to avert falls. (4) Young Chiropractic supports exercise for all Easley chiropractic family members, young and old, to keep strong and healthy in the face of challenges like falls. Young Chiropractic helps alleviate fall-related back pain and neck pain, too.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Lee Hazen on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes helping a patient recover from pain after a fall using The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

Schedule your Easley chiropractic visit with Young Chiropractic to remove the fear of falling, the pain out of a fall, and the chance of a fall and decrease it with some guidance on strengthening exercise in addition to back pain-relieving chiropractic care.

Young Chiropractic presents new research on fall prevention strategies and protocols for fall-related pain relief.