October 28, 2014

“I expect 100% relief after back surgery!”

Back surgery doesn’t always produce the hoped-for relief of back pain. Depending on the source, just 10% to 50% relief may be an excellent outcome. Surgery for a disc herniation causing sciatic leg pain results in success at 12 months from 49 to 58% in one study. (1) An influential factor in the relief attainment and maintenance is aftercare or rehabilitation. Exercise and not fearing exercise will go far to help a post-back surgery patient get and retain the best possible relief.

So what might a Easley back surgery patient want to do after surgery? Many today opt to visit their Easley chiropractor. Following a chiropractic care treatment plan, the post-surgical patient may incorporate spinal manipulation and exercise. Why? For one, a recent study shares that manual therapy using joint mobilization and flexion distraction (a technique Young Chiropractic uses) is effective to relieve low back pain and increase disc height in chronic low back pain patients. (2) Further, another set of researchers reports that patients with neck pain are more satisfied with spinal manipulation and home exercise than having to take medication. (3) Young Chiropractic encourages back and neck pain patients to embrace self-care in the form of exercise after a discussion of which exercises are effective and how to do them correctly, of course. These factors make all the difference!

One effective form of back exercise is lumbar stabilization. Medical researchers report benefits of recommending dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises after spinal surgery as they reduce pain, increase spinal mobility, and ensure faster return to work periods. (4) At Young Chiropractic, patients, post-surgical or not, are recommended simple lumbar spine exercises often starting with just the first 3: pelvic tilt for abdominal tightening, pelvic lift, and knee-chest.The goal is to get you involved in your Easley chiropractic care. As you grow stronger, a few more simple back exercises will be added that you can do in as short a time as 15 minutes a day. If you would do them before you even get up in the morning, that’s all the better!

Even though spinal manipulation is recommended first for patients with chronic low back pain and low back-related disability (5), if back surgery was your first option and you still have pain afterward, you do have the chiropractic non-surgical care option. Young Chiropractic sets treatment plans for Easley back surgery patients that improve their quality of life.

Back surgery outcomes may not be encouraging. Your Easley back surgery may go well or not as well as expected. Chiropractic care at Young Chiropractic with the Cox Technic and related exercises for rehabilitation may be the go-to solution for improved outcomes for back pain relief.  Contact Young Chiropractic before or after your back surgery. Young Chiropractic stands ready to support your back.