Easley Chiropractic Care with Spinal Manipulation and Exercise Relieves Adolescent Back Pain

June 05, 2018

There’s nothing like seeing pain in a child to upset a parent more. Easley back pain in adolescents happens. Easley chiropractic care eases Easley back pain for many adults and kids. When it comes to Easley chiropractic care of adolescent back pain, Young Chiropractic may well include spinal manipulation along with exercise which return the adolescent back to living the life of a kid!


Back pain in adolescents is real. It’s even written that disc degeneration starts in the teens. (1) It is rather disconcerting to everyone: the patient, parent(s) and physician. Most back pain for adolescents is usually muscle strain- or poor mechanics-related as the spine is skeletally immature yet. The forces encountered while playing sports may set up a young person for injury. Luckily, conservative, non-operative care effectively gets the pediatric back pain sufferer to activity without the pain. (2) That’s where spinal manipulation in the hands of the Easley chiropractor and Easley chiropractic care comes into play at Young Chiropractic.


In a study of how to help adolescents deal with their back pain, spinal manipulation with exercise beats exercise alone. Spinal manipulation plus exercise was more successful 12 months later as well. At 6 months patient outcomes showed the greatest differences between spinal manipulation and exercise. Other benefits are no treatment-related side effects in addition to bonuses in quality of life improvement and medication use, satisfaction and disability reduction. (3) Young Chiropractic offers these benefits to Easley adolescent back pain sufferers. Young Chiropractic does everything possible to get our young back pain sufferers moving again!


Since degenerative disc disease is documented to begin in youth, it’s wise to commence feeding the discs of youth. Much attention is paid to teenage calcium supplementation for osteoporosis prevention in older folks while adolescent supplementation for disc degeneration prevention and care isn’t generally discussed. Young Chiropracticmay well suggest a disc health supplement that contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate since Easley back pain has already made an appearance in the adolescent’s life. Easley chiropractic care with spinal manipulation, nutrition and exercise is beneficial!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Mark Korchok on the Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he discusses his care of a young patient in her teens while she played sports.

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Young Chiropractic uses Easley chiropractic and exercise to help back pain in adolescents.