Easley Chiropractic Care Uses Exercise to Relieve Neck and Related Pain in Office Workers

October 17, 2017

Office workers have neck pain. No surprise there. Today, so many Easley workers are in this category with the criticalness of computers and reports and the daily need to communicate. Easley neck pain and related conditions like Easley headache and arm pain are widespread. Young Chiropractic helps so many Easley office workers with neck pain and can help you find relief of Easley neck pain, too, with gentle, relieving Easley chiropractic care, spinal manipulation, and exercise.


How widespread is neck pain in office workers? 52.9% of office workers say they have neck pain in a new study. Only low back pain (55.1%) and back pain (53%) outranked neck pain complaints. (1) Young Chiropractic sees many Easley office workers with neck pain and shoulder and arm pain...and helps ease that pain!


Traditionally, recommendations to help office workers with neck pain involved ergonomic design of office surroundings. That goes only so far. Some variables that lead to musculoskeletal pain like neck pain and back pain were sitting at a desk for a long time without a break, a computer mouse too far from the keyboard, a chair with only lumbar and arm support, head at a 45° angle, not exercising daily, and being stressed out at work. It is a combination of an ergonomically set work area as well as a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise that will help prevent pain best. (1) Young Chiropractic is all about a healthy, balanced lifestyle for Easley chiropractic patients.


Exercise helps Easley office workers stave off Easley neck pain and headache. A simple 60 minutes per week of strength training a week eased office workers’ headaches in number and intensity. It didn’t matter in the study how the hour is spread throughout the week. (2) Young Chiropractic is confident our Easley office workers with neck pain and headache can find an hour a week to help themselves! For those with cervical radiculopathy – pain that extends extending into the arm – stabilization exercises are likely helpful to ease pain and improve patients’ quality of life and posture. (3) For long term results, stretching exercises plus ergonomic modification for office workers is essential. (4) Young Chiropractic helps Easley neck pain sufferers find valuable neck exercises that fit into their lifestyles to reduce and fend off neck pain and its related pain like radiculopathy and headache.

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Listen in to this PODCAST about neck and arm pain relief with Cox Technic, ergonomic adaptation, and exercise from the doctor and patient perspective as implemented at Young Chiropractic.

Then, schedule a Easley chiropractic appointment with Young Chiropractic for neck pain relief whether you are an officially titled office worker or one who has to do office work as part of the normal day. Easley chiropractic care via an individualized Easley chiropractic treatment plan that incorporates exercise and other self-care is Young Chiropractic’s specialty!