Glute Strengthening Plus Chiropractic Eases Back Pain

March 13, 2018

Patient to the chiropractor: “Treat me so I don’t hurt.”

Chiropractor: “Be sure to do your exercises, so you won’t hurt.”

Chiropractors like your Easley chiropractor at Young Chiropractic wonder how to get back pain patients to do recommended exercises. In any case, these exercises help back pain sufferers get stronger plus reduce and prevent back pain! The back muscles and gluteus muscles and hamstrings get stronger. Patients ponder why the chiropractor recommends exercises since all they wanted was for the chiropractor to fix the back pain problem. What a dilemma! Both the Easley chiropractor and Easley chiropractic patient have the same goal - pain relief – but their beliefs, experiences and expectations are different. (1) That is how it is. Research documents this. Clinical experience reveals this. When patients admit this and their chiropractors admit this, everyone then does his/her part to relieve Easley back pain, prevent future pain, and strengthen muscle. Let’s do that!


Guidelines for how to manage back pain and neck pain are established. Exercise is amid the recommendations for the non-invasive pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies to help acute and chronic low back pain and neck pain both without serious pathology and with radiculopathy. Spinal manipulation and manual therapy are also listed in these guidelines by the Global Spine Care Initiative. (2) Young Chiropractic pays attention to these in caring for Easley back pain.


Patients with low back pain are more apt to be less active. Pain shapes that decision. Low back pain patients fear that activity may cause pain, resulting in weakened muscles like the gluteus maximus. Prolonged immobilization or inactivity prevents use of these muscles. In low back pain patients, a weak gluteus maximus is a common finding. Researchers report that the gluteus maximus cross-sectional area is decreased in low back pain sufferers, especially in women. (3) For Easley chiropractic back pain patients facing unrelenting lumbopelvic pain and test positive for sacroiliac joint dysfunction, doing gluteus maximus strengthening exercises is advantageous. Patients who did these found a reduction in pain and an increase in gluteus maximum strength and function. (4) Doing both - exercise to strengthening the gluteus maximus muscles and lumbar segmental stabilization exercise – lessened low back pain disability significantly more and increased lumbar spine muscle strength and balance better than just lumbar segmental stabilization exercise by itself. (5) To activate the gluteus maximus muscles, erector spinae and hamstrings more intentionally during exercise, researchers developed a unique laser pointer system that allowed the exercise participants to see their muscle usage. This improved their form. (6) Let your Easley chiropractor be your laser pointer! Follow advised tips for how to exercise the right way.

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Schedule your Easley chiropractic appointment to arrange a treatment plan that includes your Easley chiropractor treating and your exercising to build up muscles. When the Easley chiropractor and the Easley chiropractic patient both “get” each other, Easley back pain is history!

Easley chiropractic care at Young Chiropractic includes exercise to strengthen glutes.