June 15, 2016

What to do with non-specific low back pain.

That is the question.
Well, the first question might be "what is non-specific low back pain (NLBP)?". NLBP is generalized low back pain of an unidentified origin or cause. It may be acute, coming on quickly and lasting a short time, subacute lasting 6 to 12 weeks while chronic lasts more than 12 weeks. (1) Non-specific low back pain can be quite frustrating for the Easley low back pain sufferer who just wants to do something for relief of the low back pain. Understandable. Physicians of all sorts are trying new exercise types to help these back pain patients. Your Easley chiropractor is right there with these colleagues and offers via Young Chiropractic a variety of approaches: spinal manipulation, exercise, nutrition, electrical stimulation, etc., as part of our Easley chiropractic services to help. Here, Young Chiropractic wants to share what the medical literature is reporting about a few new exercise approaches that hold promise of relief for Easley non-specific low back pain patients.

And motor control exercises for patients with non-specific low back pain are gaining popularity. These exercises focus on the activating deep trunk muscles to restore control and coordination of these muscles. A Cochrane Review reports that motor control exercise is probably more effective than a minimal intervention for reducing pain but not quite as effective for disability. (2) Young Chiropractic knows no one approach usually does it all alone. That’s why Young Chiropractic designs and individualized treatment plan to be most effective for you and your back pain relief.

Interestingly, researchers note that chronic non-specific low back pain sufferers are more visually dependent for posture control. To test this, a study was done to have these chronic non-specific low back pain patients do stabilization exercises with their eyes open and eyes closed.  The results show that the stabilization exercises made them less visually dependent as they gained stability. (3) It's another therapeutic approach to add to the treatment plan for some Easley chiropractic patients with back pain!

And a third therapeutic approach that may well help some of our Easley back pain chiropractic patients involves breathing exercises.  A couple of researchers report that breathing patterns differ between those with low back pain and those without low back pain. Wow! They further explain that some other researchers note differences in lung capacity and diaphragm mechanics in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain. So a complimentary/alternative therapy like breathing exercises may help in the treatment of chronic non-specific low back pain. (4) Young Chiropractic loves to have so many tools in our therapy bag to help our Easley low back pain patients find relief.

Young Chiropractic has enough years of experience with low back pain relief to know that people all respond differently to different on-their-own exercises and therapies to help their Easley back pain relief. Young Chiropractic also knows that in working with each patient as an individual, together we’ll find the right treatment plan to allow maximum low back pain relief. Young Chiropractic is in this with you!

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