November 13, 2012

It doesn't take much to exercise your supporting neck muscles, and they deserve it! Poor things have to support your head. Anyway, any little bit you do helps! Combined with Easley chiropractic spinal manipulation, neck exercises really can keep your neck in a happy place, whether you're an athlete or an office worker or a parent or grandparent. An exercise routine set for you, your temperament, and your functional limitations is critical and effective. (1)

As a matter of fact, a study of office workers shows how a weekly session of one hour of strength training for neck and shoulder muscles reduced neck and right shoulder pain after 20 weeks compared to no training. They reported reduced work disability, too. (2) Think Easley neck pain workers would like this?

Another report shows that combined cervical, scapulothoracic stretching and strengthening benefit pain relief after treatment and at follow up as well as improved function in the short and immediate term for chronic neck pain. Neck pain patients were also satisfied with their therapeutic exercise care. (3) You'll like ours, too!

Spinal manipulation and exercise outdo drugs for neck pain relief. All three were compared. At 12 weeks, 82% of spinal manipulation patients reported at least 50% reduced pain; 69% of medication group did. The pain scores at all follow up points were the same for spinal manipulation and exercise groups plus both reported more improved health and functioning, less disability and fewer adverse events than the medication group. (4) The home exercises focused on simple, gentle self-mobilization exercise of the neck and shoulder joints, including neck retraction, extension, flexion, rotation, lateral bending motions, and scapular retraction with no resistance. (5)

So if you have neck pain, contact your Easley chiropractor at Young Chiropractic. We can work together for neck pain relief with simple exercises, suited to you.