October 04, 2016

A stiff neck can happen to anyone at any time due to any number of reasons: a pillow, quick movement of the neck, watching a game or TV in an awkward position, texting, swimming, talking on the phone while holding the phone up with your shoulder. The neck muscles get used in an odd way and retaliate with pain. Young Chiropractic sees many fellow Easley stiff neck sufferers and offers its Easley chiropractic care. Easley chiropractic care is gentle and safe for stiff neck relief, and some simple exercise can help move the relief along a little more quickly.

A stiff neck from any of the above situations often involves a strain to the muscles that connect the shoulder and cervical spine (neck). Your Easley chiropractor checks out the range of motion of the neck during a thorough chiropractic examination and may well recommend some gentle neck stretches to help those muscles relax as part of a comprehensive Easley chiropractic treatment plan alongside gentle chiropractic treatment in the form of Cox Technic. These two approaches go together well for pain relief!

The simplest way a Easley stiff neck patient can stretch irritated neck muscles is by using resistance; simple hand resistance will do. First, just press your forehead forward into your hand which is pushing back. This activates the neck muscles. Then release. Repeat this pressing, resisting and releasing 10 times. Then, press the right side of your head into your resisting right hand. Release. Repeat this 10 times. Do the left side of your head into your resisting left hand in the same way. And finally, press the back of your head into both resisting hands. Effectively simple, these neck exercises in the style of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) really can help the stiff neck loosen. Young Chiropractic shares how to do these and will check your progress at your next Easley chiropractic visit.

Young Chiropractic appreciates the confidence our Easley neck pain patients have in our recommendations and also appreciates our patients who ask how these exercises work. Likely, the muscle is more compliant after the range of motion increase and muscle resistance and stiffness decrease provided by exercise like this. (1)

Contact Young Chiropractic about your stiff neck and how chiropractic care benefits its care along with neck exercises. A stiff neck can happen at any time so your Easley chiropractor is ready to help when that pillow or last text message got the better of your neck.