April 08, 2014

Stabilization. Balance. Equilibrium. Steadiness.

picture of rocks stacked on top of each other

We all want balance in our lives and in our spines. How do we get it? In life, we talk, eat, sleep, read, laugh, etc.! In our spines, we exercise. Young Chiropractic knows that we encourage all of our Easley lower back pain patients to do some exercise, however little or much as each is willing. It works. It helps!

During lower back exercise discussions at Young Chiropractic, the question often comes up: “Which exercise is best?” And your wise Easley chiropractor knows why:  If there is one, great, effective one, that’s the one you want to do and be done with it! Sorry! We’re still searching for that magic exercise, too. However, some new lower back exercise research points to stabilization exercises as being effective. Read on…

A recent study points out that stabilization exercises beat out McKenzie exercises for being more effective. How? The stabilization exercises reportedly improve the intensity of pain and the function/disability score for chronic lower back pain patients. They also increase the thickness of the transverse abdominis muscle that supports the spine. (1) Great potential outcomes for our Easley lower back pain patients who are willing to exercise a bit:  a chance to get back to life activities and build muscle!

Another study reports on the outcomes of 15 different studies. This review found that lower back pain patients are typically given one of two types of exercise programs: a general exercise program with or without a motor control exercise component or a motor control exercise program with general exerciseWhich is more beneficial? Both types of exercise interventions appear effective at reducing pain or disability in patients with lower back pain. It may not be necessary to give lower back pain patients motor control exercises though. (2)

So stabilize your spine with Easley chiropractic care, and keep it balanced and steady with a bit of stabilization exercise at home. Contact Young Chiropractic today for a chiropractic appointment to get you set with an exercise program for your lower back.