November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving dinner placed on tableCanada celebrates in October. The U.S. celebrates in November. The traditions abound. The family drives in. The sales flourish. The food piles up. It must be Thanksgiving time! Young Chiropractic sees all the signs. We want you to know we are thankful for you, our Easley chiropractic patients. We want you to enjoy your holiday, so we share a few general and chiropractic health tips to do just that.


We know the joy of the holidays can, ironically, be stressful. Families gather. Memories pop up. Too many chefs are in the kitchen. Try taking 6 deep, slow breaths as you stir the potatoes or carve the turkey. It really helps calm you! Plus your digestive system gets a boost. (1)


Laughter is good for the vascular system (2), the heart (3), and the healthy function of blood vessels (4). It's also contagious (5), so when things get a little tense, laugh! See how many others join you.


Exercise is great for the heart, too, (3) and digestion. Take a walk after dinner. Breathe in the fresh air. Settle the food.


Enjoy the cranberries. They may help keep away urinary tract infections. (6) Enjoy the potatoes. They may lower blood pressure and have vitamins for cells, nervous system and even heart plus some great fiber. (7) (A Easley chiropractic adjustment does wonders for your whole system, too! Be sure to make an appointment soon!) Enjoy some pumpkin pie or seeds or soup. Pumpkins offer you vitamins and fiber and even "bad" cholesterol potential reduction as well as a better mood. (8) And don't forget the turkey! It's full of protein, vitamins and tryptophan, good for serotonin production for immune system strengthening. (9)

Don't worry - too much!

One day of super eating like one day of super dieting isn't going to miraculously change you. So eat, nap, talk, laugh, play, take a walk, watch a game or parade, cook, bake and enjoy! We have lots to be thankful for ...

- Your Easley chiropractic team at Young Chiropractic