July 07, 2015
B is for Bone! And so are B vitamins!
vitamins for bone health image

For so many years, the focus was on calcium and vitamin D for bone. Then, research noticed vitamin D then continued finding that a multitude of vitamins and minerals play into the health of bone. Young Chiropractic isn’t surprised at all. The Easley chiropractic practice talks about nutrition, spine, exercise, and other wellness issues with our patients. So let’s focus here on B vitamins for bone health.

First, age plays a role in bone health. Time does march on! Bone mineral density (BMD) is a measure of bone density which indicates the strength of bones as characterized by calcium content. Now, low BMD is predictable with increased age and decreased weight. (2) Low BMD also increases the risk of fractures. So Young Chiropractic encourages our Easley aging (and younger!) patients to pay attention to bone health. So many of the issues with bone trouble come later in life. Bone needs some help now - the point at which it's as young as it's going to be - to sustain it.

That’s where B vitamins come into plan. Researchers are reporting that there might even be a protective role of B vitamins – especially B2, B6, folate and B12. Some more specific findings show that, ironically, B vitamins in clinical trials are not being shown to be effective in reducing the occurrence of fracture. (1) For men, B12 vitamin presence is a significant indicator of BMD at the femoral neck. (2) Vitamin B12 deficiency shows growth retardation and a lack of osteoblasts (the bone-forming cells). It’s possible that B12 interferes with growth hormones. (3) Those with celiac disease - malabsorption of nutritients – may be at higher risk of osteoporosis. With that, vitamin B status may protect against osteoporosis in patients with celiac disease. (4)

So osteoporosis, a disease noted by decreased bone mass and increased fracture risk, is a well-known and recognized growing public health issue. Among the various risk factors for osteoporosis, calcium and vitamin D have well-established protective roles. Now, B vitamins are appropriately added to the list of nutrients protective of bone health and osteoporosis prevention.

So contact Young Chiropractic, and discuss your bone health and your nutritional status and risk for bone health conditions that come with aging. Easley chiropractic care starts where our patients are (seeking pain relief oftentimes) then expands to wellness care involving nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices. Young Chiropractic is your healthcare partner!