At Risk of Falling? Young Chiropractic Suggests Calcium plus Vitamin D

September 12, 2017

Falling hurts no matter how old you are. Falling for older Easley folks can be much more damaging though. Broken hips, broken wrists, vertebral fractures may result. Independence may slip away while healing. Easley fall prevention is vital, and Young Chiropractic encourages all Easley chiropractic patients and their families be aware of fall prevention strategies in addition to an innovative nutritional approach to preventing falls.

Fall Prevention Ideas 

Classic fall prevention plans succeed for most Easley chiropractic family members. Clearing the clutter, wearing shoes, getting rid of any tripping hazards, securing rugs or removing them, installing grab bars in the bathroom, and even living in a home that is all on one level with no steps are all ways to reduce fall risk. Dealing with any health issues like dizziness or joint pain or shortness of breath or balance is crucial as those may also instigate a fall, also.  52.6% of patients with mild cognitive impairment and 51.4% Alzheimer’s disease patients tend to fall. It’s key for these patients to take more time to sit and not hurry. (1) Young Chiropractic can help assess health risks like these and others to ensure our Easley chiropractic patients stay upright! Physical activity and exercise are fundamental to maintain your strength. As our Easley chiropractic patients age, more gentle exercises are advised like walking, water classes, tai chi, yoga, and/or Pilates. Together, Young Chiropractic and our Easley chiropractic care patients discover something that works!

Vitamin D PLUS Calcium 

Like adding some nutrition: A fresh fall prevention notion is to include calcium and vitamin D together into the daily supplementation routine. A review of 26 articles involving over 16,500 patients found that combined vitamin D plus calcium supplementation significantly decreases the fall risk. Vitamin D2 or D3 alone did not have such a result. It is the combination that works! (2) Young Chiropractic sees this to be very useful when discussing nutrition with our Easley chiropractic patients, particularly with those who tend to be at higher risk for falls.

Schedule your Easley chiropractic appointment with Young Chiropractic today. Young Chiropractic is here to evaluate your risk of falling and establish a fall prevention strategy specifically for you. Plus, if you fall and hurt yourself, Young Chiropractic offers the gentlest chiropractic care in the form of Cox Technic to help get you back to life!