July 03, 2012
Back pain can be depressing, especially chronic lower back pain that has been around more than three months. Young Chiropractic sees this every day. Every Easley chiropractic back pain patient deals with it differently. Some will exercise more. Some will eat more. Some will sit more. Some will turn to anti-depressant drugs. Young Chiropractic offers a chiropractic treatment plan to alleviate the pain, thereby reducing the need for anti-depressant drugs. ("How long will it take?" is often a question. The answer: possibly not as long as you think.) But if you take anti-depressants, know that you aren't alone. Read on…

Easley anti-depressant use may risk bone health.Anti-depressants aren’t candy, but there are a lot of Easley people taking them as if they were. One report shares that Americans’ use of them is on the rise. (1,5) 27 million in 2005! (2) More women than men take them. (5) But many take them for minor complaints of depression and trouble coping with everyday issues without understanding the more major risks associated with their use. (1) Now, Young Chiropractic is certainly NOT advising anyone to take themselves off any medication. We just want to share research findings and present some healthy approaches to dealing with Easley anti-depressant use.

So if you take antidepressants or know someone else in Easley who does, Young Chiropractic urges you to note the following hazard to your health.

It has been shown that antidepressants would have a direct action on bone metabolism and would be associated with increased fracture risk. An exhaustive systematic research study of 34 studies (1,217,464 individuals) performed between 1966 and April 2011 shows a 42%, 47%, and 38% increased risk for non-vertebral, hip, and spine fractures, respectively. Bottomline: Results from this large study showed antidepressant use is associated with a moderate and clinically significant increase in the risk of fractures of all types. (3)

So, we don’t want you or any other chiropractic patient to despair over anti-depressant use. Just consider doing something positive to counteract the negative effects of anti-depressants on bone metabolism, if possible. Take calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, even exercise (4) for your brain, your depression, your bones, and your health!

Contact your Easley chiropractor at Young Chiropractic to discuss some of these healthier approaches.