Wisdom of Nutritional Supplements for Easley Back Pain Relief

December 12, 2017

Wisdom comes through experience. Young Chiropractic values the wisdom passed down from prior clinical back pain specialists who chose to write about their experiences in treating back pain. Young Chiropractic especially welcomes how they incorporated nutrition into the back pain relief treatment plan. The education your Easley chiropractor obtained in chiropractic school pointed out how important nutrition is to health and markedly the health of the spine. New nutrition papers today about the value of vitamins and minerals in the care of back pain based on the older ones helping today’s Easley back pain patient significantly!


Nutrition as a factor in the care of spinal pain conditions is not new. Young Chiropractic recognizes that. Young Chiropractic tracks nutrition in the spine literature. Dr. Cox, developer of Cox Technic flexion distraction, presented it back in 1993 (and even before then). (1) A French researcher told of the benefits of vitamin B back in 1968. (2) Another researcher in 1985 defined the connection between spinal canal size (as a small canal size doesn’t leave much room for a disc herniation, predisposing a person to increased risk of low back pain) and infant malnutrition. (3) The eminent spine researcher, Alf Nachemson, MD, discussed that nutrition of the intervertebral disc is improved by introducing motion to the spine. (4) Young Chiropractic’s treatment of the spine encompasses just that, motion. Cox Technic, the Easley chiropractic treatment approach Young Chiropractic uses, brings motion to the spine, segment by segment. Nutrition makes a good change in a person’s health status. Nutrition makes a welcomed difference in the Easley health of the spine. Nutrition may affect helpfully the course of Easley back pain relief and prevention.


A newly published medical research paper reports on the advantage of multivitamin nutrition for treating disc herniation with radiculopathy (aka a pinched nerve of the spine causing extremity pain), a condition Young Chiropractic welcomes into its Easley chiropractic practice! A randomized trial of 100 patients with this condition examined how well treatment alone and how well treatment plus a multivitamin nutrition supplement (with vitamins like B6, B12 and others) modified their pain, disability and requirement for NSAID drugs. The researchers found that adding a multivitamin enriched the treatment outcomes. (5) Adding a nutritional component to the treatment seems unassuming, but it does show to be very effective for Easley chiropractic patients with back pain, neck pain, and radiculopathy. Young Chiropractic develops such a nutritional component to the Easley chiropractic treatment plan just for you, the Easley chiropractic patient.

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