June 25, 2013

See your Easley chiropractor at Young Chiropractic for some great nutrition tips! This one is about Vitamin C. Now, don't stop reading this just because you think you know all about Vitamin C! There is new information and reasons to be sure you are getting enough Vitamin C.

Vitamin C - It's not just for your immune system anymore!

There are few Easley folks who don't know that Vitamin C is good for them. It's always promoted for keeping the common cold away and keeping the immune system intact. But now, Vitamin C or ascorbic acid - a natural organic compound that has antioxidant properties to keep us healthy - may well be good for peripheral neuropathy (symptoms may include numbness, prickling or tingling starting in the toes or fingers) pain relief. Read on for more.

A new study reports that ascorbic acid promotes myelination - the regrowth of material that surrounds nerves. It's often studied in the laboratory using different cells and cultures that show the formation of a collagen and laminin (a protein that is important for the body's cells and organs) matrix when ascorbic acid Vitamin C is added. (1) This collagen and laminin keeps the body together!

image of fruits high in Vitamin C

The use of ascorbic acid is now being considered to potentially help peripheral neuropathies (other than Charcot Marie Tooth disease) that are due to nerve damage of the peripheral nervous system. This system is the set of nerves that are outside the brain and spinal cord, the nerves that spread throughout the body. (1) Great news for those suffering with peripheral neuropathy!

How can you increase your Vitamin C intake? Eat! Watermelon, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, kiwi, tomatoes, mango, broccoli, leafy vegetables, blueberries, pineapple, raspberries, and squash are all tasty and full of Vitamin C. Your Easley chiropractor enjoys all these tasty options and knows you can pick one or two to enjoy, too!

So enjoy some Vitamin C rich foods, and make your Easley chiropractic appointment so we can share our favorite tastes! Contact Young Chiropractic today.