May 27, 2014

picture of pills spilling out of bottle

A hormone? Vitamin D? Yes! A healthy one at that.

Young Chiropractic sees many patients who could benefit from Vitamin D3 supplementation. Yes, many eat a good diet. We are so proud of our Easley patients who do! But when it comes to Vitamin D3, it’s often necessary to supplement to get the full benefit of Vitamin D3 for health, osteoporosis, and even cancer treatment. Check out some of these latest research papers on Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is a hormone, a fact many of us don’t think about. It’s a vitamin! It is a major regulator of bone and calcium homeostasis or stability. Vitamin D3 has the ability to stop the growth of malignant cells and help the body differentiate between normal and malignant cells. High doses of Vitamin D3 are even used to reduce cancer cell production. The research is still young on Vitamin D3, but it is promising. (1) One problem with Vitamin D3 is an undesirable calcemic effect it has in high doses, but researchers are working to overcome that.

As a matter of fact, a newer form of Vitamin D3 – known as MART-10 – is being used in breast cancer metastasis treatment. It is reportedly effective and less-calcemic. The highly anti-tumor characteristics of MART-10 in a pancreatic xenograft model, MART-10 is thought to be a promising treatment against the MCF-7 breast cancer cells. (2) Great news for our Easley breast cancer friends and patients!

picture of woman having cox technique performedCancer is a big disease, but so too is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is expensive. Expensive in terms of the pain patients experience, the dollars patients and their healthcare insurers must pay for their care and care of related fractures, the quality of life osteoporotic patients have to deal with, and the increased mortality due to osteoporosis related issues. (3) Young Chiropractic empathetically struggles with our Easley osteoporosis patients, but offers them some relief and hope with our gentle, safe chiropractic treatment, The Cox Technic, is truly an amazing treatment option that stretches the spine carefully to restore motion and relieve a cost effective way. Now, in combination with nutrition like calcium and Vitamin D3, Young Chiropractic offers a relieving treatment plan for Easley osteoporotic patients.

Now in the US, an estimated 53.6 million adults over 50 years of age have osteoporosis and low bone mass as measured by bone mineral density. (4) In Japan there is a low osteoporosis treatment rate of only 20%. The healthcare community is trying to find a way to get more cooperation from the medical community as well as the public to use the screening systems in place. Researchers are concerned that the current system isn’t taking into effect other factors beyond just the bone mineral density that puts people at risk for osteoporosis related fractures. (5)  Young Chiropractic is ready to help you determine your risk for osteoporosis and take action to manage it.

A good first step toward managing disease is to be healthy. Vitamin D is a healthy vitamin. Contact Young Chiropractic to have your Vitamin D levels checked. You may want to consider supplementing with Vitamin D after we talk.