March 25, 2011
"A pain in the neck!" 

Does anyone in Easley use this saying anymore?

Usually used in frustration over a situation, "pain in the neck" also applies to the literal situation of neck pain experienced by many in Easley.

In Easley, Young Chiropractic offers chiropractic relief for your pain in the neck. Young Chiropractic uses non-surgical Cox Technic to gently, safely relieve, even control, neck pain.

Many times, neck pain also known as cervical spine pain may be due to pinched nerves from a disc herniation, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis or other condition in the cervical spine or chemical irritation of the cervical spine nerves. The cervical pain symptoms you experience are most valuable in establishing the cause of neck pain. A thorough clinical examination that may include imaging is best to pinpoint the true cause of the neck pain. (1)

In Easley, Young Chiropractic performs an overall examination which gathers information from several individual tests, noting particularly the location of the pain which is shown to be more accurate in identifying the level of a disc herniation should that be the underlying factor. (2)

Easley neck pain is rarely a surgical condition nor does surgery always benefit the patient with neck pain. Non-surgical pain relief options to relieve cervical spine pain are even shown superior. Traction relieves pain in 75% of patients with cervical radiculopathy (arm pain). (3)Cervical radiculopathy is relieved in 91% of cases by non-surgical means like manual physical therapy, traction, and exercises. (4) Conservatively treated cervical spine disc herniation patients without myelopathy responded better than surgically treated patients. (5)

Even in neck pain cases with myelopathy, non-surgical care appears to be superior. Surgery is not proven better than conservative care for myelopathy. (6) Long-term outcomes for non-surgical versus surgical treatment of cervical radiculopathy or myelopathy is no different. (7) Cervical spine spondylotic myelopathy is not greatly relieved surgically. Surgery does not consistently alter the natural history of cervical spine myelopathy. Follow-up of 7 years post surgery for cervical spine myelopathy shows that only 1/3 of the patients were improved. (8) A 6 month follow-up of 62 myelopathy patients shows that there is no surgery-related benefit compared to non-surgical care for cervical spine myelopathy patients. (9)

At Young Chiropractic in Easley neck pain is treated with chiropractic Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression procedures which may include at home care as well as cervical spine exercise and possibly nutrition. Cox Technic itself incorporates flexion and decompression to open the spinal canal space and relieve pressure on the spinal nerves lying in the canal.Incorporating flexion is beneficial as MRI shows a 31% increase in the neuroforaminal size in flexion. (10) The biomechanical effects of Cox Technic are documented. In the lumbar spine, Cox Technic is shown to drop intradiscal pressures to as low as a -192mmHG and open the spinal canal space by 28% in area. (11) Current research to document the exact drop in pressure in the cervical spine is underway with a federally funded research grant

Easley's Young Chiropractic points to several published cases of neck pain to illustrate the possible outcomes with chiropractic Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression non-surgically. Cervical spine foraminal stenosis resulting in severe neck and upper back pain with left arm pain to the fingers finds relief in 15 visits over 10 weeks and is stable two years later. (12) A 60 year old man with neck and arm pain who had tried physical therapy and medication without relief found relief with Cox Technic in just 5 weeks. (13) A 34 year old woman with severe neck, shoulder and arm pain finds complete resolution of her pain after 8 treatments over 2 months. (14)

In 39 patients with cervical spine pain and arm pain, pain scores dropped 41 points from 50.1 to 8.7 after being non-surgically cared for with Cox Technic. (15) Even a patient with two years of neck and left arm pain and no relief after trying medication, P.T., home traction, and exercise reports relief after the first treatment with Cox Technic. She was seen for [[6 months and a total of 24 visits/twenty-four visits over six months]], and a year later, she remains symptom-free. (16)

In Easley Young Chiropractic may be your solution to neck pain. Suffering with cervical spine pain just isn't necessary in Easley. Contact Young Chiropractic for an individualized examination, diagnosis and realistic treatment plan for your neck pain relief.

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