August 30, 2011
Poor Mom! She's always to blame when something bad happens, isn't she? Unfortunately, for back pain, it may be true to some extent. But have no fear! Young Chiropractic can help you and mom when back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, etc., bother either of you!
genetics can cause back painWell, it’s newly documented that scientists now know which gene may influence lumbar spine stenosis. (1) But how strong your back is? Can that be tied to genetics, too? It seems so. (2)

Mothers everywhere influence their children’s back muscle endurance. So Easley moms are not alone in their being genetically generous in sharing a predisposition for back pain. A father’s effect is measured but not significant like the mother’s. The way a child sits, how much fat he/she has, the waist size and body mass index are tied to the mother. (2) Wow.

Since lower back pain has a larger impact on one’s quality of life than even knee pain (3), Young Chiropractic welcomes lower back pain sufferers. Young Chiropractic knows chiropractic can help!
If you have back pain, just bring you to our Easley chiropractic office. If it’s mom, bring her along! If it’s dad, bring him, too. We are here for all of you. It doesn’t matter to us if you just hurt your back yesterday in the garden or 3 weeks ago at work or 10 years ago in an accident. We are confident we can help.
Why? Because we offer spinal manipulation as one of our chiropractic services. Endorsed by the American College Of Physicians and The American Pain Society in the treatment guidelines for lower back pain relief (4), it is also cost-effective for subacute and chronic pain. (5)
Easley residents find our chiropractic services quite relieving for back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Our staple spinal manipulation technique, Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression, is proven with federally funded research support and evidence-based protocols. What does that mean for you? Back Pain Relief
So, don’t be too hard on mom. Read the interesting articles on genetics and lower back pain, then contact Young Chiropractic to get lower back pain relief for you, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa…the whole family! We can help get you back to enjoying your life painfree!