Easley Chiropractic Eases MVA Related Back Pain and Neck Pain

May 21, 2019

Motor vehicle accident. MVA. Motor vehicle collision. MVC. Car accident. A wreck. Whatever you call this unforeseen incident, it alters your life for a while. Any resultant back pain and neck pain may be non-existent or instant onset, may start later, may linger, may disappear and never return. Young Chiropractic takes care of post-accident Easley back pain and Easley neck pain with gentle, relieving chiropractic care regularly featuring Cox® Technic.


Continued Easley neck pain after a car wreck is not really a surprise. Having been in a motor vehicle accident influences present and future neck pain and disability for the MVA person. In a group of MVA patients, 55% (equally for men and women) reported having neck pain seventeen years later. In a control group, just 29% reported neck pain (which varied for men and women: 34% women to 19% men). (1) A different research project documented that neck injury as a result of an MVA predisposed the patient to future neck pain compared to those who didn’t acquire a neck injury in a car accident – 57% risk of future neck pain. (2) Further, researchers classified those who were in an MVA make up as a distinctive sub-group of neck pain patients and described them to be at-risk for continuous neck pain. Those who perceived their pain and disability to be worse and complained of pain for a longer were also at greater risk of continuous neck pain. (3) The sooner Young Chiropractic can get you feeling better and thinking better about how you are feeling after a neck injury due to a motor vehicle accident, the better.


Young Chiropractic starts right away with MVA patients to ease their neck pain and/or back pain and positively impact their future. Diagnosing any post-MVA pain and treating it with gentle Easley chiropractic services like the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management, Young Chiropractic returns post-MVC neck pain patients to their coveted quality of life as best and as soon as possible.

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr.  Joseph Pritchett on The Back Doctors’ Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. Dr. Pritchett discusses the gentle relief viable with Cox® Technic that he provided to his patient who experienced post-car accident back pain. There is optimism for back and neck pain relief after a Easley car accident!

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Young Chiropractic offers gentle relieving Cox Technic to help heal neck pain after an MVA car accident.