Easley Chiropractic Benefit Extends Beyond the Spine

November 23, 2021

Chiropractic is recognized for its care of the spine. Research is reporting that its spinal treatment is beneficial beyond the spine. The latest report describes how Easley chiropractic thoracic spinal manipulation and mobilization helps with respiratory function. Young Chiropractic offers gentle, safe treatment of the thoracic spine.


Chiropractors are recognized for their management of musculoskeletal spinal issues. Not a bad thing! Chiropractors do offer more. Related to musculoskeletal care is prevention of musculoskeletal problems. A survey of chiropractors about their use of primary prevention care of musculoskeletal problems and other public health-related disorders found that chiropractors certainly offer such prevention care and are prepared to do so, but patients don’t usually visit them mainly for such care. (1) Further, a review of chiropractic websites found that 79% of them referred to care of one or more non-musculoskeletal conditions like sleep issues, constipation/digestive issues, unease/discontent in children, and menstrual cramps/pain. (2) Your Easley chiropractor is here for musculoskeletal pain relief and prevention plus much more!


Several studies are describing the benefits of thoracic mobilization for improvement in thoracic hyperkyphosis (upper spine curvature found in nearly 20-40% of older adults) and respiratory function. Diaphragmatic breathing is talked about a lot for its calming benefits. Diaphragmatic excursion, the extent to which the diaphragm expands on inhale, is associated with respiratory function. Increasing diaphragm excursion is beneficial. In a recent study of healthy volunteers with thoracic hyperkyphosis, 8 weeks of thoracic mobilization increased the diaphragmatic excursions while deep breathing, increased forced vital capacity, and the thoracic hyperkyphosis itself. The researchers concluded and suggested the inclusion of thoracic mobilization in respiratory rehab programs to manage and avert respiratory dysfunction in those with thoracic hyperkyphosis. (3) Easley chiropractic spinal treatment offers benefits beyond the spine itself.


Shoulders benefit, too! Shoulder pain patients found that thoracic spinal manipulation immediately enhanced neuromuscular drive as well as serratus anterior muscle activity, a crucial muscle for scapular motion. Thoracic spinal manipulation is associated with short-term improvements in clinical outcomes of shoulder pain. (4) Young Chiropractic is quite experienced in delivering gentle thoracic manipulation.

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 Young Chiropractic chiropractic care benefits more than the spine especially when the thoracic spine is treated!