Help for Easley Back Pain Connected to Poor Posture at Young Chiropractic

February 27, 2018

Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control. - Joseph Pilates

No wonder we were always admonished to stand up straight! Posture matters. Easley back pain patients know this. Young Chiropractic ensures that they do! Poor posture and back pain are often seen together. Young Chiropractic treats them together. Young Chiropractic and our Easley chiropractic patients experience improvement in one often is followed by improvement in the other.


Many issues factor into the relationship between Easley back pain and posture. The whole mechanism of the body really is at work as Pilates suggests. Researchers say that poor posture is documented to alter joint position and produce pain, like back pain. Musculoskeletal back pain is improved when postural issues are fixed. (1) Recent research reports that even patients who experience plantar heel pain find themselves with more low back pain and higher rates of low back pain disability due to reduced foot and ankle function. (2) If one leg is shorter than the other, hip pain is recorded to occur on the longer leg side. Sciatica (leg pain) and disc protrusion do as well. (3,4,5) Leg length inequality affects posture and may initiate back pain. Young Chiropractic treats this myriad of issues with chiropractic care options like spinal manipulation, exercise and sometimes orthotic lifts for our Easley chiropractic patients.


A basis of the Easley chiropractic treatment plan for patients with Easley back pain and postural issues is many times manual therapy spinal manipulation (after a detailed examination, of course!). Young Chiropractic chooses this option as spinal research indicates that it is valuable along with posture correction. Manual therapy treatment enhances posture improvement and low pain reduction more significantly than low back massage. (6) Three treatments of manipulation improved posture control and decreased pain in a female patient complaining of low back pain and uneven balance. (7) Young Chiropractic offers posture-correcting, pain-reducing Easley chiropractic care.

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Listen to this PODCAST from THE BACK DOCTORS PODCAST series about how chiropractic’s Cox Technic helps back pain following a knee replacement. Joints of the body are all connected!

Schedule your own Easley chiropractic appointment to get rid of your Easley back pain and help for postural problems. Your Easley chiropractor is ready to facilitate your gaining control of your body’s mechanism!

Poor posture and back pain are linked and find help and relief at Young Chiropractic.