Easley Back and Neck Pain due to Things like Sitting or Doing Computer Work

December 21, 2022

Sitting for a long time. Working on a computer for a long time. Bending over a project for a long time. All sorts of positional issues may initiate back pain or neck pain. Spine researchers talk about flexion relaxation ratios (FRR) and flexion relaxation phenomena (FRP) that arise with such irritations of the neck and low back.  Young Chiropractic is ready to help reduce Easley neck pain and back pain with our chiropractic services as well as help troubleshoot ways to prevent irritation when doing motions you must do all the time or motions you want to do on occasion but know they’re irritating to your back or neck.


The curiosity of spinal pain researchers brings about some interesting questions like does sitting for an hour produce pain in patients who have had back pain before (but do not have back pain currently) versus those without. They did not find a difference in the flexion relaxation ratio (FRR) they measured but think that may be because an hour was not long enough to trigger pain in the history-of-back-pain patients. (1) Hum? A reduction of the paraspinal muscle activity at maximum flexion shows the related flexion relaxation phenomenon (FRP). An analysis of 48 published studies on this topic documented that nonspecific low back pain patients’ FRP was modified. Compared to asymptomatic patients, this difference was significant. (2) Young Chiropractic examines these types of issues in our Easley back pain patients and neck pain patients.


FRP and FRR can be quantified in neck pain patients as well. In comparison to the lumbar spine’s FRP and FFR, differences in the reaction of cervical spine muscles were noted in pain patients versus asymptomatic volunteers. The cervical flexion relaxation phenomenon was noted in neck extensor muscles when in flexion. Persistent muscle contraction due to diminished flexion relaxation places vertebral structures at risk due to too much loading. 84% of healthy subjects had FRP while only 36% of in-pain patients did. FRR was lower in neck pain patients, too. (3) Further, when contrasting computer workers with neck pain to those without neck pain to those who do not computer work, researchers deduced that computer use could raise the use of the semispinalis capitis during neck extension, making it a possible predictor of symptomatic neck musculoskeletal disorders as its activation was seen in both types of computer users’ necks. (4) Such a finding is useful to healthcare providers like your chiropractor to see what this muscle does on extension and advise our patients on how to strengthen the cervical extensor muscles.


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