Easley Fear of Back Pain Relieved with Young Chiropractic

September 05, 2017

Fear of the “damaged spine.” It is a most common feeling to have about a lot of things in life. Fear avoidance. It is common for Easley back pain sufferers. When back pain enters the scene, fear avoidant behavior tends to creep in with it. Back pain specialists like your Easley chiropractic physician recognize the effects of fear and fear avoidance on Easley back pain and neck pain patients. Fear prevents Easley back pain sufferers from doing the simplest things out of concern that they may experience pain. The spine is rather sturdy, but when it is damaged its resiliency disappears in the mind of its owner. Young Chiropractic helps Easley back pain sufferers contain the fear of back pain via information, care, and movement.

The Sense of Fear

Fear itself makes sense. If you feel pain with something, you try to avoid that something like shuffling paper in a way that you get a paper cut or bending a certain way that elicits leg pain. If you experience back pain when you move, you seek not to move like that to avoid back pain. Avoiding back pain-provoking activity for a Easley back pain sufferer wanting to protect his or her damaged back makes good sense. Researchers explain though that if a back pain sufferer experiences pain in the early days of back pain and doesn’t make a big deal out of it, he or she doesn’t get trapped in trying to avoid movement, in the fear avoidance cycle. (1) Young Chiropractic understands with the Easley back pain patient who does not want to move too much due to fear that his or her back will hurt again or maybe even worse than before. Young Chiropractic positively gets Easley back pain sufferers moving and performing their normal activities of daily life one tiny motion at a time!

Gentle Care and Motion

Young Chiropractic integrates motion into its in-office chiropractic care and its at-home recommendation care. Young Chiropractic is all about motion and easing back pain and the fear that accompanies it. Adding manipulation to the treatment of low back pain earlier enhanced the effectiveness of manipulation on back pain relief and decreased the use of medication to manage the pain. (2) The Easley chiropractic treatment plan at Young Chiropractic involves gentle, soothing Cox Technic to make larger the spinal canal and lighten pressure on the spinal nerves as well as bring motion back to the spine as the back pain and/or leg pain eases.

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Fear may be a good thing, too. Fear of back surgery may spur a back pain sufferer to pursue non-surgical care as available at Young Chiropractic. Listen in to this podcast of a patient who did not want a second back surgery and found relief with Cox Technic. He even returned to exercising and moving which he quit due to pain!

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