February 2020 Healthy News from Young Chiropractic: Chiropractic Help for Neck Pain

Easley chiropractic care of neck pain even with headache and dizziness relieves pain at a reduced cost and increased effectiveness.  


Neck pain bothers 20% of people over 70 years of age. A survey of 800 Australian chiropractors discovered that 33% of the patients are over 65 years old. 45.5% had neck pain. 31.3% also had headache. (1) A new committee review of the latest relevant clinical practice guidelines based on the best scientific evidence available to manage neck pain in adults involving neck pain with headache or radicular symptoms via chiropractic stated that chiropractic manipulation and multimodal care are the “best practice recommendations.” (2) 82% of the older adults used another healthcare provider in addition to chiropractic to handle neck pain. The chiropractors utilized manipulation of the thoracic spine, neck massage, and adjustment that resulted in help for dizziness, neck pain, headache and migraine (though migraine takes more treatments). (1) Easley chiropractic relief for neck pain grows in documented support. It is also being found as economical as well as drug- and opioid-preventative. A study in Missouri reported that including chiropractic in the Medicaid system saved $14.1 and $49.2 million, decreased in spinal surgery expenses and use/abuse of opioid prescription drugs. (3) Chiropractic services at Young Chiropractic works for Easley neck pain for many.

Listen to the PODCAST with Dr. Lee Hazen on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he discusses use of The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management for neck pain relief.

Easley exercise assists relief of neck pain attained with chiropractic care. 


Non-specific neck pain patients find success with exercise as part of their treatment plan. Such patients were supervised in 12 exercise sessions 3 times a week with either traditional exercises vs traditional exercises in addition to sensorimotor training. Pain, intensity, muscle endurance and disability improved in both. The combined group significantly improved in joint position sense and other parameters like endurance, dynamic balance and walking speed. (4) Increasing the number of steps walked a day over a 6-month period reduced neck pain occurrence in high risk office workers who sit and work at computers day in and day out. It did not reduce pain intensity or disability, but it did decrease the onset of neck pain. (5) Fewer episodes of Easley neck pain is a great goal! Young Chiropractic is your partner to attain it.

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