March 2021 Healthy News

 Easley chiropractor-patient benefits are numerous and especially apparent to episodic migraine sufferers.


Easley Migraine Sufferers Know

A new study of women who suffer episodic migraine treated with comprehensive chiropractic care highlights the benefits of the chiropractor-patient relationship for maximal clinical outcomes. The women (a) reported that they were more knowledgeable of how musculoskeletal pain, tension and posture triggered migraine, (b) altered their idea of chiropractic as just spinal manipulation, and (c) found the chiropractor/patient relationship to be indispensable and appreciated in managing their migraines successfully. (1) That is chiropractic’s strong suit! Chiropractors like yours at Young Chiropractic take the time to clearly explain the painful condition to our patients. We want to be sure our Easley chiropractic patients understand what’s going on to optimize their participation in its alleviating care. The best clinical outcomes result from an open partnership of in-office care and at-home care, of chiropractor treatment and communication skill and patient participation and teamwork. Whether migraines are your pain condition or back pain or neck pain or arm pain or sciatic leg pain is, we at Young Chiropractic are your healthcare partner to contain the pain.

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Jeremy Heidt on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he explains his utilization of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management to help a neck pain and migraine sufferer find relief.

Easley hip fracture risk is reduced by multivitamin supplementation.

Take a Multivitamin to Reduce Fragility Hip Fracture

Hip fractures are a severe condition for healthcare systems and their patients around the world. A meta-analysis of over 80,000 subjects – 21% male, average age 69 years of age – stated that multivitamin use was significantly linked with a decreased risk of suffering a fragility hip fracture. Multivitamin use was significantly protective against osteoporotic hip fracture. (2) This is great news for Easley chiropractic patients worried about hip fracture as they are likely already taking a simple multivitamin instead of taking a lot of single ones. Decreasing Easley hip fracture risk may result from supplementing with a multivitamin each day!

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