Easley Chiropractic Newsletter for October 2015

See Your Easley Chiropractor First for Back Pain
Researchers followed patients as they made their first healthcare visit for back pain and noted what happened to them. Of 747 patients, 54.8% saw a primary care physician (PCP), 27.7% saw a chiropractic physician, 11.1% saw a physiatrist, 6.4% saw a physical therapist. Seeing a PCP or physiatrist first increased the risk for radiographs, advanced imaging, injections, surgery and costs. But seeing a chiropractor first reduced the risk for advanced imaging and surgeon visits with longer term care(1) So who seems best to see first? Young Chiropractic is here for you and anyone with back pain! 
No Surprise: The Aging Population Brings More Spinal Healthcare Challenges
We’ve all heard it. The global population is aging, so too are the spines of all these folks. Healthcare providers are being advised to keep abreast of the age-related spinal disorders like odontoid fractures, lumbar spine stenosis, cervical spine myelopathy, and degenerative spinal deformity(2)  Chiropractic is on the cutting edge of spinal condition awareness! Our Easley chiropractic practice is and has been ready for aging and youthful spinal pain folks alike for a long time! Our Cox Technic is gentle, safe and effective. 
Rest for Degenerated Discs?
A debate goes on about rest for degenerated discs. Why? There is a range of degeneration when we talk about disc degeneration. For seriously degenerated discs, one-long-rest period isn’t productive. For other degrees of degeneration, a mix of rest and work is better. Rest affects discal fluid loss, stress, pressure, and displacement in different ways(3) So how long should you rest? That’s a discussion for us to have at your next Easley chiropractic visit. 

How Fast Do You Walk? Do You Walk Slower Now?

Back muscles – specifically the erector spinae – affect walking speed. As the thickness of these muscles decreases, so does walking speed(4)  Interesting! Age is also an influence on walking speed: we slow down as we age. But exercising those back muscles is valuable to keep us Easley folks walking as best we can as we age!  
Vitamin A Influences Bone
Researchers present findings that higher levels of vitamin A positively influence bone mineral density, particularly in the hips of the study participants. Related factors are β-carotene and serum β-carotene-to-retinol ratios: the higher the better. (5) Bone relies on many nutrients to be strong, not just calcium! Nutrition is so important for all your body parts! Young Chiropractic is all about bone health, so let’s talk about yours at your next Easley chiropractic visit!  
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