Young Chiropractics Healthy News on Spinal Stenosis & Fall Prevention

Easley Lumbar Spine Stenosis:
The Easley Chiropractic Option

Young Chiropractic treats and relieves Easley spinal stenosis! Easley spinal stenosis patients come through the door all the time. Young Chiropractic has a system of care to help Easley spinal stenosis patients even though there still is not a set approach to care for Easley lumbar spinal stenosis for all [[sufferers of spinal stenosis|spinal stenosis sufferers]. Young Chiropractic bases its care on some well documented facts in the spine research. Easley back surgery patients experience more complications from treatment than non-surgical patients for lumbar spine stenosis. Back surgery showed no significant differences in the first 6 months after treatment compared with conservative treatment. Disability scores were greater for surgical patients at 12 and 24 months. (1) Another review of the effects of spinal manipulation and mobilization on the spine and its painful discs showed that there is a change in water flow in the disc to keep it healthy. (2) So what to do? The treatment plan is not set or the same for every patient with spinal stenosis. There are many factors involved in this decision, but with non-surgical care, the complication rates and downtime from life are less. These factors influence the choice for Young Chiropractic to use the Cox Technic system of spine care for treating Easley spinal stenosis. Chiropractic Cox® Technic is gentle, safe, evidence-based spinal manipulation and mobilization treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis due to all sorts of contributing factors from disc herniation to synovial cyst. Young Chiropractic looks forward to discussing how Easley chiropractic may relieve your back pain.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Easley Fall Prevention with Vitamin D and Calcium

As we age, falls are disconcerting as are the fractures that may result. Fall prevention strategies often include exercise, balance/proprioception, and addressing depression and dizziness. Nutrition may help! Supplementation with vitamin D and calcium significantly reduces the risk of a fall. Taking D2 or D3 alone didn’t have such an effect. (3) Simple enough! Any little bit will help!

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